50-State Solar Project #8--State of Colorado--Grant Issued, Construction Pending

A grant to the American Solar Energy Society's Zero Emissions Network program (ZEN) in Boulder, Colorado will be used for micro-grants to build residential solar installations and possibly a commercial array, all targeted at lower income individuals who might not otherwise consider investing in solar, with installations beginning by spring of 2020.  

 It costs an average of $21,000 to purchase a solar array for a Boulder home, and for 2020 the federal government is offering a 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit, which would effectively discount $5,460 off the initial cost, leaving $15,540 to pay cash or borrow for the purchase.  For lower income people one stressor is that if they take out a loan to pay for their solar installation, the monthly payment on that loan is typically higher than their utility bill used to be, so they don't see a monthly savings on their household expenses until that loan is paid off, and instead they see a slight increase.  For example, a $15,54…

50-State Solar Project #7--State of Wisconsin--Challenge Grant Issued, Construction Pending

This renewable energy project is the only effort, at this scale, led by high school students in the greater Madison area that addresses the need for increasing student awareness of environmental issues. Thus, the importance of this project is significant; were the school or district to install solar panels without the initiative being led by high school students, the impact of this project would be greatly mitigated: no sustainable, long-term increase in awareness of energy efficiency among students at Madison West High School would be made. With this project driven by students, however, the entire student and staff body will have the opportunity to recognize the existence of an organized, committed effort to improve the sustainability of Madison West High School, only furthering the materialization of other student-led projects with an aim towards promoting environmental awareness.   More info about the project HERE
The Left Coast Fund has a challenge grant offer to the …

50-State Solar Project #6,State of Minnesota--CONSTRUCTION PHASE


50 State Solar Project #5, State of Florida--COMPLETED

Townsend Family Farm, Key West----organic farming powered by solar energy.
Partial funding provided by Left Coast Fund.  
Project info directly from the Townsends:

"We began farming in Key West, FL in 2017 and we have grown our farm very organically over the last two years.   We are expanding our current farm and are setting up a greenhouse to produce more much needed locally sourced vegetables for our little island community at the end of the Florida Keys.

How we grow on an island:
We grow aeroponically and vertically! Our aeroponic towers are perfect for Key West where the soil is rocky and where fresh water is scarce. Our farming system uses 80% less water than conventional farming and minimizes damage from pests and plant disease. The amount of sunlight and ideal weather here add to the mix to ensure success with growing. We have adopted rainwater collection and solar power as means to grow here on the island.

We ensure our highest standards are met by maintaining…

50 State Solar Project #4, State of New Hampshire COMPLETED

NH Solar Shares Community Solar PV Project, Warren, New Hampshire
Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative located at Appleknockers General Store in Warren, NH.  Estimated system size 28 kW. 
   NH Solar Shares is a program run by the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative designed to share solar energy with income eligible families, increase the portion of solar energy on the grid and contribute to a healthier environment. “When we first heard about NH Solar Shares and their mission to bring the benefits of solar energy to local families in our area, we were immediately interested,” said store owner, Tori Berger.   “We want to support our local community in any way we can and we have the perfect roof for installing solar panels.”
   NH Solar Shares built their first community solar project in Plymouth, NH last Fall on the hillside behind the Frosty Scoops ice cream stand owned by the Common Man Family of Restaurants. Currently ten local families from the Plymouth area sever as s…

50 State Solar Project #3, State of Massachusetts--COMPLETED

South Congregational Church
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
To offset the growing cost of electricity required to sustain its much-needed community missions, South Congregational Church installed 100 solar panels on the church roof August 2019, at a cost of $103,500.  The Left Coast Fund provided a challenge grant to help reach the needed fundraising goal.

50 State Solar, Project #2, State of California--COMPLETED

Project #2:  Residential rooftop solar, San Diego, California.  14 panels, 6kW.  $34,000
total cost.  Left Coast Fund manager provided funding for this project.  10kW battery storage included. System is in addition to existing 16 panel system installed 4 years earlier.  The 2 systems along with battery are designed to serve complete electrical needs for the 2700 square foot house, including in-home charging for 2 electric vehicles and 1 electric bike.